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  1. shintenshin said: [Casually wonders if they should have a double wedding?] n_n Someone is popular~

/Sweatdrops nervously/

Oi oi, Shisui!! Was there ever anyone you were in love with?


He was practically married to the whole of Konoha.


Shisui had an intense crush on Itachi when they were both little dumplings. For the longest time ever. Neither of them has brought it up hmmm i wonder whyyyy 

He isn’t in love at the moment, but…

there’s potential ayyye

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Yes! *take* I'm fine *nibble*



shisui marry me

Ruffles her hair. 


"Sudden, Jess-chan. You sure about this? And I thought you loved Naruto, the squirt."

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How are you shisui?

"Fine! You?" 




Ino returned Shisui’s smirk with a sweetheart smile of her own, nodding. “Yes! I want to know!”


Of course she was interested. Itachi wasn’t really a social butterfly, so she wanted to know how he had warmed to Shisui (and it was fair to say that the florist was very curious about how Itachi had been as a child).

However, she was visibly upset to hear about Shisui’s parents’ untimely death. That was really sad. Shisui had grown up alone…

Loners finding each other to be lonely with. That was not the fun story she had hoped it would be. Certainly not like her own friendships.

“Heh, you won him over with food, eh? That’s really nice… of you to offer dango!” Ino was cheered up by that prospect. Imagine Itachi, lonely and then suddenly having a friend to go to and try treats with? It would be wonderful…

Shisui had given something more priceless than dango. His company, time and care that day.

"What a kind friend…"


“Me? Well… he was the first person I met in this weird school. He was the prefect at that time, it was his job to sort of look out for the students. He was ill that day… suffering from stress, but still came to check on how I was doing,” Ino recalled.


"That’s Itachi for you, ne? Always worrying about others before himself.”  

"Romantic," Shisui deadpanned. And it was just like Itachi too, as Ino herself pointed out, to be stressed out from school when he could easily attain results three times better than anyone else without studying, and still be fretting over other people. 

"I still owe you something, huh?" 

"Congratulations, I’m very happy for both of you."

No doubt they have come far for them to become so close. 

with a few exceptions.

Nods enthusiastically.

"Of course there are!"

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