Kagami Uchiha & Tobirama Senju.

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Shisui looked like Ino was holding a kunai to his chest and demanding he drop his weapons. He was a theatrical sort of person, not someone she expected would be Itachi’s best friend— but somehow it made perfect sense. Itachi was a deep thinker, but the types of people he liked were light-hearted. The types who were lively and treated life with meaning and value.

And Shisui was completely… unaware. Actually, quite like Shikamaru was. Ino chewed her lip in thought and decided to tell Shisui about their situation. He was strong.

"What did he do? He pretty much came in the middle of the night and blew up our house. He forced Itachi-San to fight him whilst we were unprepared and… well… the headmaster replaced the house but it’s still going to take while for everything to recover."

If it hadn’t been for Gremmy, she suspected Itachi’s eyes would be damaged too.

"So just… don’t bother Bazz-B. He’s a hypocrite who only cares for his own agenda. I don’t think you should get mixed up with his type.”

"You shouldn’ta worry about that. I can hold my own, thank you."

Although it was nice to get a heads up on what this Bazz-B person was about. Shisui’s definitely sure he didn’t want his apartment blown up, but…

If only there was a way for them to interact and hang about without blowing each other up…

One can hope, after all. 

Shisui simply does not believe he cannot, at the very least, charm this person into becoming somewhat bearable. An acquaintance would be exceptionally gratifying. Especially someone so hard-assed like this one - the toughness will just add to the thrill of the mission.

To make peace, and friends, yeah. 

And as for the mishaps that happened in the past…they could sort that out. 

That doesn't make me feel any better

Deadpans. “It wasn’t supposed to.”


Hi! I don't know if you're still taking reqeusts (I tried looking around your pages, but I didn't see anything) but if you do, is there any way you could draw Shisui? (in casual clothes if that isn't too much)



Hey, sure~ He’s one of my fav uchihas too but I don’t draw him often…

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"Shisui, do you plan on attending the school festival?"



"Festival? Interesting…care to elaborate?" Fluffs hair sheepishly. "I haven’t gone to this sort of thing before."


"Except for that one time with you. Back at the Academy." 


Itachi did not miss the shock that positively adorned Shisui’s face. Rather than being offended, however, he merely offered a somewhat sheepish, understanding smile.

"I understand."


"It does seem rather bizarre, doesn’t it?" Pulling his hand back, he calmly slid the photograph into its respective place yet again. Bizarre barely covered it, really. "I didn’t understand it myself, but… here we are."

He could illustrate why himself, but that was unnecessary.

"I’ve only ever heard Inoichi-san speak of her in passing. It was awhile after I arrived here three years ago that I properly met her."

But… wait. Just a moment.

"Have you already met her?"


He laughs, seeing Itachi’s mildly stricken face and answers truthfully. 

"Of course I had! Seen her around just before the coup d’état," Shisui wrinkles his nose in an act of distaste, voice turning sour - "Inoichi-san was training my mental capacity, remember. The little twerp was just hanging around when we did training."

All for the cultivation of “stronger Sharingan”. Never heard more bull - I bet the clan must be so proud. 

"Well then, I saw her again." His tone brightens, and he waggles his eyebrows at Itachi playfully. "At Iwakiri. The situation was very interesting. Too much for my taste." 


Thus he recalls the time when somehow, out of the blue, he was transformed into a quokka. T’wasn’t actually too bad, he liked the animal. To think Ino had seen and handled him as a furry rodent…he shuddered. Pray kami would have the sense not to bring the matter to light.  

Thinking back on her too-bright voice, and her smiling face, the next few words probably did not come as a surprise. 

"Right dazzling ray of sunshine, she was." 

*pout* you're to chicken to tell him yourself. Get a cute girl to do it.

Pouts back. “But you’re cute, Kayla!” 


"Besides, Gramps loves me too much. It won’t rise anything outta him if I say anything - so you’ll hafta do."


This is shisuies fault 

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